FME SUCCESS Annual report 2016

The SUCCESS centre is in its last year, and an impor­tant task is to summarize and integrate the results we have obtained.

In 2016, our main focus has been the integration of activities associated with final deliverables from the centre. The research performed by the FME SUCCESS Centre provides increased insight into small-scale processes related to CO2 storage and upscaling to field-scale modeling and prediction.

SUCCESS Annual report 2016, photo Marit Hommedal/FME SUCCESS

The Centre delivered high-level academic research within a wide range of expertise and reached its planned milestones.

The Centre also launched an ambitious plan for final reporting of centre results and findings, in preparation for the 2017 year-end formal closing of the FME-SUCCESS funding scheme. A key element in the final reporting, is the testing of models and methodologies developed in the SUCCESS centre on two new case studies, Skade and Smeaheia.

It is our firm belief that the research in the FME-SUCCESS centre is important for global deployment of carbon capture and storage. It is our sincere hope that CCS will be accelerated, as a means of reducing the global carbon footprint and mitigating global temperature increase.


Read about  more results in our report!


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